Hells Angels Moscow - Official


Hells Angels Moscow - Official

Hells Angels Moscow - Official

Hells Angels Moscow is the site of the Russian motor club which is a part of the Hells Angels MC World, founded at the end of 2002.

Since Hells Angels is the most famous motorcycle club in the world, the team of Virdini faced a difficult challenge of creation a resource that will show the mood, spirit and philosophy of the Club. After lengthy negotiations and studying of the motor culture we took a job creating the site. We have developed a logical and understandable menu structure, have drawn a stylish and concise design. Special attention was given to photo and video galleries.

Hells Angels Moscow is a part of the International Club, that`s why it was decided to create a website in both languages: English and Russian. Regardless of the choice of language, the site contains all the necessary information.

Since motorcyclists are not the people who sit by computers at home, we have developed a mobile version of the resource so participants and visitors can view the resource both from the tablet and from the phone.

Ultimately, the customer is satisfied with our work, and we are happy that we managed to show the mood of the Club using the only available way - developing a cool website.

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