Landing is Usually Performed in Two Variants:

  • This is a separate internal page on the site, which is not any different from other pages. We redirect visitors to this page if we would like to do them certain actions (buy, ask questions, give feedback, get quote, create account, etc.)

  • This is fully stand-alone site, simple and convenient, which have an expanded promotional offer, usually offer a minimum number of products / services (or even a single product / single service). So it is a site with full functionality, but fully oriented on one product / one service / one action.

Another feature of landing, as an independent site - all information is stored on one page, where you can easy navigate using scroll. By clicking on active menu, visitor simply toggles up / down the same page. Maximum simplicity - one of the factors due to which landing is becoming more popular, as the simpler and clearer resource, the more it will be targeted to users.

But behind the apparent simplicity of landing, in fact, it is a titanic work of whole team: designers, advertisers, creatives, artists, programmers, photographers, marketers are working to create a single page.

Unique Design

Our designers will draw for you a unique design on demand, which will allocate your website among the rest standard solutions.

Also you can order a logo design and design adaptation for mobile devices iOS, Android, and large-format screens.

Unique Design Unique Design
Responsive Design

Responsive web design is created for comfortable experience with online store on different devices: mobile phones and tablets with various screen diagonals, netbooks, laptops, monitors with large diagonal.

Logo Design

If you do not have a logo or it is obsolete, and you want to update it - a team of designers will draw a new logo according to your wishes and new trends in design, which perfectly fit into the overall layout of the site.

Promotional Photo Shoot

We propose to do a photo shoot of your products, as well as the photos for catalog, brand photos or associative photos. All photos will be professionally edited for the site or other promotional purposes.

Developing Character

If you want visitors to associate your brand with some character - we are happy to develop your character which will correspond to professional activity and fit into the overall concept of the company and website.

Content Management System for Landing

In most cases, landing is not equipped with a content management system for more efficiency and speed, as all of the information is entered into it once, and in the future, changes very rarely. However, occasionally there is a need to change price of goods or services, to correct contacts or eliminate minor errors in content. As content management of landing requires some skills, project cost includes a 6-month maintenance of filling / editing landing content according to your request. However, if you need to change content on your own and you are not familiar with HTML, we can add control system for landing.

Content Management System
Features of the Landing
  • Pop-ups "hints"
  • Animation of design elements without flash
  • Feedback form
  • Road map
  • Google Analytics - Traffic analysis system on your site
  • Ability to insert a photo and video material on your page
  • Image gallery
  • Favicon - site icon which is displayed in some search engines and browsers
  • All necessary features for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Also, You Will Get
  • Initial content
  • Free hosting for 6 months
  • “Work with the site” training
  • Technical site performance guarantees for 12 months* 
    * in the case of placing on our servers and no changes in the code by the customer
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Technical Support
  • Hosting
  • Website content and creation of materials for it
  • Translation of site materials
  • Promotion of your site
  • An additional site functionality
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