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Complex solutions


Planning, design, release and technical support of your project in our company, will save your priceless time for creative management and implementation of your ideas. Even most innovative solutions and integrations with the existing network structure or control management and accounting system can be done efficiently and in time!

WEB Development

Design and development of WEB applications, such as personal, promotional and corporate websites, online stores & e-commerce, portals, media sites, community’s, calculators, and other solutions for small and large businesses, as well as for the personal projects.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Failover Hosting in the best data centers around the world.


We provide design services starting from creation of sketch up to completed modern layout, irrespective whether it is printing or interface. 3D and 2D drawings for your project, as well as icons, corporate identity, brand books, banners and much more that can be drawn beautifully, efficiently and in time.


Planning, development and implementation of advertisement campaign for your project, constant monitoring and analysis of promotional activities effectiveness, maximum efficiency and quick implementation. We offer supervision of project starting from idea till implementation of small tasks as well as large-scale events and PR.

Advertising and Promotion

The analysis of the competitive environment and the development of 'white' advertising campaigns, search for thematic advertising sites, contextual advertising and search engine optimization (SEO), advertising on social networks, the development of stock and more to attract the target customer. Brand promotion, public relations.


Printing, cutting and installation of all types of printing work including paper, banner, mesh, oracle, plastic, fabric. Business cards, flyers, posters, banners, brochures, calendars, notebooks, branding shop windows and frames of the favorite cars.

Souvenir Production

Pen with the company logo to every visitor, maybe flag or lighter, opener, flash drive, keychain, cap, T-shirt or logo on your own product? Any souvenirs for your needs.


We offer solutions of non-standard, individual tasks which are out of scope of the daily needs. Exclusive solutions and products for you.

Exclusive Products

Non-standard situation and you need a single instance of great idea, don’t you? Ask for the help, because everything can be solved, just send us request...

Design Helper
Design Helper

Our Team

Kristina Ridkous
Alexander Chubukov
Denis Sydoruk
Yegor Kolosenko
Alexander Tsybenko

About Us

VIRDINI means professional and friendly team in scope of design, programming, advertisement and leisure.
Our approach involves continuous development and efforts to make each new project better than previous ones. After all, the main goal of any self-respecting team is to be the best, irrespective whether it's a multi-million corporation or a small web design studio. In our case, success depends on the quality of projects produced, and we always keep that in mind. Our rule is to do work for any client like for ourselves, which is the main reason why our customers prefer to cooperate with us further.

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