Legendary Swim

Legendary Swim
Legendary Swim

Development of a multilingual portal for the Legendary Swim swimming competition.

The portal allows users to buy different types of slots for competitions depending on their age and gender and after finishing to see their results in their profile. Also, from the results, ratings are formed, both individual and team for the season. Users can join swimming clubs, which will allow them to receive an additional discount at the starts, and the clubs will receive a rating depending on the success of its swimmers. Clubs are moderated by coaches. A history of all starts with a detailed description of their results is stored for each user. Also, based on the results of the swims, the user's own rating is formed, and bonus points are accumulated, which can be spent on purchasing slots on the next swims or merch.

For administrators, the portal allows you to quickly create a starting grid for swimming, which will later be integrated with the system for recording results in swimming. Design each swim event according to their own wishes. Make various discounts, and levels of tickets for the starts, with various additions, in addition to the opportunity to participate in competitions. Allows to calculate the amount of necessary merch and its types depending on the purchased slots. And there is also an opportunity to limit the number of participants for each of the swims. Set limits on bonus points, rules for their use. There is an opportunity to sell slots from other organizers, and to form a rating of users according to their rules. Also the usual news tools, photo and video galleries.

The portal is integrated with the Fondy payment system, Google Maps, reCAPTCHA and other services that allow it to function fully. CMS Drupal 9.x is used