Мережа супермаркетів "СК Маркет"

Мережа супермаркетів "СК Маркет"
Мережа супермаркетів "СК Маркет"

"SK Market" is a chain of medium-premium stores near the house, which is dynamically developing. One of the most successful and promising networks in Kyiv, and any serious and promising company needs a website for better communication with visitors, partners and suppliers.

With this task, the management of the supermarket chain turned to us to implement their idea. A long stage of negotiations, clarification, editing, studying the intricacies and features of stores, and at the end we got a website.

The peculiarity of this work is the multi-functionality of the resource, as it should be understandable and interesting to both visitors and partners. For greater convenience, the site has a mobile version and is correctly displayed on all types of devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers with large monitors.

Work on the resource continues, as the company does not stand still and constantly improves its service, and the site develops with it, which must keep up with the times.

Virdini's team was very satisfied with an interesting and rather complex project, during the implementation of which many complex technical decisions were made. But, the most important indicator of success is a satisfied Customer who wants to develop his resource, and not throw it in a long drawer.